Gospel Remixed

English: Amazing Grace, First version, in &quo...
English: Amazing Grace, First version, in “Olney Hymns”, on page 53 (bottom), 1779 Français : Amazing Grace, début de la première version, parue dans le “Oleny Hymns” (1779) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my previous post (Christianity and All That Jazz) I wrote about how I see the North American church is “like a marching band stuck on a jazz stage in front of a jazz-loving audience. The world is changing or has changed, in some cases, all around us. People are playing a different tune these days. Unfortunately, Christians, by and large, are still marching to the beat of a drum from a previous era.” In this post, I want to clarify and build on that metaphor. In sum, I am not claiming that the church needs to change the gospel according to the times but rather, that it needs to adapt the emphases and ways of articulating that gospel to its audience and times.

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Christianity and All That Jazz

Waldemar Kurpiński & Tress Jazz band in Tygmon...
Waldemar Kurpiński & Tress Jazz band in Tygmont Club, Warsaw, Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(This post is adapted from a previously published work, “Christian Education and All That Jazz,” Christian Educators Journal , Vol. 45. No. 2, December 2005 (pp 3-5).)

Modernism and post-modernism are labels that are currently bandied about all over the place. But what do they mean and how do they impact our Christian faith? I am going to briefly reflect on our

North American culture’s transition from modernism to post-modernism and how that affects Christianity. To simplify our understanding of modernism and post-modernism, I will use the metaphor of musical bands.

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