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Faith, Science and Metaphors

This post is originally published at You can view it here. Re-posted here with permission. Metaphors People tend to think of metaphors as simple poetic word plays to adorn or illustrate otherwise dull text. Positively, one might think of … Continue reading

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Religion and Science, Faith and Reason

(This blog post is adapted from my sermon at ClearView Christian Reformed Church, Oakville, Ontario on Oct. 28, 2012.) In our society’s popular mindset, religion and science are at war with each other. Often, people see faith as connected to … Continue reading

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Growing Your Faith on a Secular Campus

(This post was originally published in The Banner, September 2011. You can also find it online at their site.) It’s true. Some young Christians do lose their faith while in college or university. We’ve heard the stories and statistics. But higher education … Continue reading

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Scripture and Life: Monologue, Silence or Dialogue?

I ended my last post by making the point that Scripture is not authoritative on everything but only on matters of salvation and church beliefs and practices. This might give the impression that I am suggesting that Scripture is irrelevant … Continue reading

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BEYOND Evolution vs. Creation

On November 18, 2011, the York University student club in which I’m Chaplain and Director – Leadership, Culture and Christianity (LCC) – sponsored a special public lecture by Dr. Denis Lamoureux titled: Beyond Evolution vs. Creation. Lamoureux has earned PhDs … Continue reading

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Political Visions and Illusions

I believe it is part of my job as a Christian campus chaplain/minister to encourage and empower students in their spiritual and academic journeys. Hence, I am very pleased to have a guest post by Adrian Paris, a fourth-year Political Science major … Continue reading

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My Journey into a Deeper and Wider Faith

(Adapted from a talk at a Christian Reformed Church Classis Toronto Urban Ministry Gathering on June 10, 2010) I am going to tell you my personal story, my spiritual journey into where I am now, and how the Christian Reformed … Continue reading

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