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Sharing Your Faith

This is my second teaching video. In this video, I reflect on four major themes drawn from the apostle Paul’s practice in Athens. Hope you will be blessed. PDF download link is below the video. Sharing Your Faith by Shiao Chong … Continue reading

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Fundamentals of Personal Evangelism

Recently, I led a workshop at an evangelism conference. And in the workshop, I shared my list of fundamentals of personal evangelism. This is a list of principles that I practice in my conversations and engagements with non-Christians who are … Continue reading

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Gospel Remixed

In my previous post (Christianity and All That Jazz) I wrote about how I see the North American church is “like a marching band stuck on a jazz stage in front of a jazz-loving audience. The world is changing or … Continue reading

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Christianity and All That Jazz

(This post is adapted from a previously published work, “Christian Education and All That Jazz,” Christian Educators Journal , Vol. 45. No. 2, December 2005 (pp 3-5).) Modernism and post-modernism are labels that are currently bandied about all over the … Continue reading

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Against the HUP

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that the most segregated hour in America was Sunday morning worship. I am reminded again of that reality thanks to Martin Luther King Day in the USA this past Monday. Sadly, King’s observation is … Continue reading

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Bad Evangelism

In the news recently, neighbors of a Toronto street came out to drive away a group of Christians who were doing public evangelism on the street. Here’s the youtube video of what occurred: Apparently, the church group had been regularly … Continue reading

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