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Four Models of Racial Reconciliation

From my experience, I have found that many disagreements around racial issues revolve around differences between the participants’ definition of what counts as racism and what does not. Hence, I have found George Yancey’s book, Beyond Racial Gridlock: Embracing Mutual … Continue reading

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God’s Gift of Church Membership

I was generously given a nice little book that I would highly recommend to church pastors as an excellent resource for educating church members of what it means to be a member of a local church. Thom S. Rainer’s I … Continue reading

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Understanding Biblical Justice

(This is a guest post by Karen Long, a student leader with the Leadership, Culture and Christianity student club at York University) Book Review: Marshall, Chris. The Little Book of Biblical Justice: A Fresh Approach to the Bible’s Teachings on Justice. … Continue reading

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Cookie-Cutter Spirituality

Two books that I have enjoyed are A Contrarian’s Guide to Knowing God: Spirituality for the Rest of Us by Larry Osborne (Multnomah 2007) and Sacred Pathways: Discover Your Soul’s Path to God by Gary Thomas (Zondervan 2000). Both books, … Continue reading

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Political Visions and Illusions

I believe it is part of my job as a Christian campus chaplain/minister to encourage and empower students in their spiritual and academic journeys. Hence, I am very pleased to have a guest post by Adrian Paris, a fourth-year Political Science major … Continue reading

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Beware of Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual abuse? What’s that? Is there such a thing? David Johnson and Jeff VanVonderen, authors of The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse (Bethany House Publishers, 1991), say there is. In the book, the authors define spiritual abuse as “the mistreatment … Continue reading

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The Battle of Beginnings: The Creation-Evolution Debate

The Battle of Beginnings: Why Neither Side is Winning the Creation-Evolution Debate by Del Ratzsch (IVP,1996), 248 pages. Most debates are polarized and extreme positions are opposed to one another in a right versus wrong, true or false, kind of … Continue reading

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