Same Planet, Different Worlds

The Toronto Zoo has a tagline that goes: Same Planet, Different World. I find that is a very apt description for my understanding of the New Earth that Christ will usher in when he returns. It is not a new planet that God will make but a renewal of this same planet. It’s a new world order, for sure, a world of difference between our current world and God’s world order in the New Earth to come when the life of heaven becomes part and parcel of earth. But the same planet. God promised, “Behold, I make all things new”; he did not promise to make all new things (Revelation 21:5). Same planet, different worlds.

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The Rapture: A Mistaken Belief

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(This is an expanded version of a sermon, “The Rapture: Rescue of the Saints or Return of the King?” preached at Friendship Community CRC, April 18, 2010. This sermon has also been preached as “What’s Wrong with the Rapture?” on numerous times.)

You may have heard of the rapture. The rapture is part of a very popular theology about the End Times, especially popular in North America. It’s popularized by the Christian media, like famous TV & Radio evangelists, the Left Behind series of books and movies, and all sorts of Christian books, such as Are You Rapture Ready? and the Scofield Study Bible, which probably popularized this theology back in the 19th century. There’s even a website called

So, what exactly is the rapture? And what difference does it make if we believe it or not? What’s the big deal? In this post, I want to take a look at this popular teaching about the rapture and look at some of the negative implications of this belief. And then I want to show from Bible passages how this understanding of the rapture is actually mistaken, and what is the more likely scenario that the Bible is pointing to. Continue reading “The Rapture: A Mistaken Belief”