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Counterfeit Faith – Dogmatism

One of my problems is that I am a slow reader, which was no help to me at all during my years as an English Literature major! I can skim read, of course, but when I come across good books … Continue reading

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Why Theology Matters

(This is a blast from my past. My first ever professionally published article, “Theology Shapes Everyone” was published in The Banner, June 16, 1997 and was written while I was still a graduate student completing my MA in English Literature. … Continue reading

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The Historicity of Jesus: Ancient Pagan Sources

In my previous post, I argued for the historicity of Jesus by examining the Jewish historian Josephus’ writings. In this post, I will look at pagan Greco-Roman authors as sources for the historical Jesus, drawing again from Robert E. Van … Continue reading

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Josephus on Jesus: Evidence for Jesus’ Existence?

As Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus during Good Friday and Easter, I want to briefly deal with the claims of skeptics that Jesus never existed as a real person and was a mythical fiction by the early … Continue reading

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Scripture Alone?

(This blog is based on a sermon delivered at Rehoboth Fellowship Christian Reformed Church, Toronto on Oct. 30, 2011.) One of the major themes from the Reformation is “Scripture Alone” or, in its Latin form, sola scriptura. Although this is … Continue reading

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Does God Cry?

The recent earthquake and tsunamis in Japan with a horrific death toll of possibly ten of thousands should break our hearts and move us to act, to give and to help. For Christians who believe in an omnipotent good God, … Continue reading

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Rethinking Salvation and God’s Mission

Dr. Timothy Keller, author and pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, once said that his church’s mission is not to create a great church but to create a great city. This is borne out by the church’s … Continue reading

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