Christian Leadership

Leadership Lane via Wikimedia Commons

Leadership Lane via Wikimedia Commons

This is my first teaching video! I have made six five teaching videos which will be uploaded with accompanying pdf discussion handouts. I will try and roll them out over the next few weeks.

In this video, I reflect on four major principles of Christian Leadership set in an acrostic: L-E-A-D for easy remembering!

Hope you will find this beneficial. PDF download link is below the video. 

Christian Leadership by Shiao Chong

To download an accompanying pdf discussion handouts suitable for a short workshop or a small group, click here: Christian Leadership.

Update Sept. 14, 2015: I have revised slightly the handouts from its original version. I have de-emphasized the “servant leadership” concept, even re-naming it as “leading servanthood” as I have been recently convinced that the emphasis should rightly be on servanthood, rather than leadership. And it has come to my attention that the terminology of “servant leadership” has often been used in support of practices that subjugate women and theologies that deny women’s leadership. Unfortunately, I did not learn of this before the production of my video that does mention “servant leadership” but only at the end, and in the context of the leader’s responsibility to love others.


About Shiao Chong

Editor in Chief of The Banner, official magazine of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC). Formerly CRC Campus Minister serving at York University in Toronto, Canada. (All postings here are my personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of the CRC or of The Banner.)
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2 Responses to Christian Leadership

  1. Chas says:

    To be effective, a manager needs to make it easier for the staff under his/her direction to do their jobs, and in other things to keep a low profile. In a Christian community, the Spiritual leader might go unnoticed by many, yet by his/her understanding be making it easier for others to come closer to God.


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